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Let your passion fly.



You are an influencer. An entrepreneur. A blogger. A trend-setter. A pilot trailblazing your industry and you’ve chosen your website as your vehicle of choice.


Your co-pilots.

The ad technology team that helps you unlock your website’s potential. Allowing you to reach new heights.

Free yourself of technical work. Wave goodbye to hosting. Become worry-free. Drop all the distractions that take you away from what’s important.

We’re here to help.

Be the pilot that drives your website to new heights. Dedicate and focus your efforts only for your audience. Witness your passion soar.


Connect with hundreds of brands and advertisers. Move away from relying only on Google to generate you income. Through our ad network, we connect you directly with advertisers and the world's largest ad networks- forcing them to compete for your ad space.

Ad Revenue Optimization

Maximizing your revenues

We know your income streams are precious and that’s why we make sure every visitor you send to our ad network generates you income. Let us make sure your bank account isn’t half full or half empty -- we want to make sure it’s always full.

Every Visitor Counts (100% Fill Rate)

Unlocking value from every one of your visitors.

Your ads are instant, so why shouldn't your payments be? Welcome to Media Nexus Network, one of the few ad networks that want to pay you daily. When you sign up, you will be able to withdraw directly into your PayPal account on a daily basis.

Daily Payments

Enjoy the results of your work- instantly.


Not all ad units are created equally. Let go of your hesitancy with standard banners: when you join Media Nexus Network, you have the option of working with our ad tech team to create custom-tailored advertising units. Create ads with us that seamlessly suit your website and exceed your audiences’ highest expectations.

Custom Campaigns and Ad Units

Achieving a higher level of brand consistency.

Enjoy blogging without paying for it! When you sign up as a publisher, you can instantly enjoy free hosting for your website thanks to our exclusive hosting partner.

Exclusive Free Hosting

Generating you immediate cost savings.

Never had the time to learn how to develop a custom landing page? Add a new email submit button? Change your hero image into a slider? You’ll never need to fuss over technical installations or updates again. When you join Media Nexus Network, you’ll be assigned to a dedicated technical support team that will help you every step of the way.

Technical Development and Support

Building your vision, not fussing over it.


These are what your ads will look like on your website.


Desktop browser Desktop 160 Ad Desktop 300 Ad Desktop 728 Ad Desktop hover 160 Ad Desktop hover 300 Ad Desktop hover 728 Ad


Mobile browser Mobile 160 Ad Mobile 320 Ad Mobile 300 Ad Mobile 728 Ad Mobile hover 160 Ad Mobile hover 300 Ad Mobile hover 728 Ad Mobile hover 320 Ad



By joining Media Nexus Network, you’re joining a community. Welcome to your family of verticals of like-minded individuals and passions.

In our Casa vertical, it’s everything that happens in the home. From pregnancy and motherhood to gardening and interior decorating.

In our Femme vertical, we are here to connect women of all walks of life. Whether it be fashion, beauty, entertainment, or simply a lifestyle blog.

In our Sharp vertical, it’s everything that elevates sources of information. A collection of finance to science publishers that bring you the most important facts.

In our Vital vertical, it’s all about health. We connect audiences that are looking to live a life of wellness, whether it be holistic approaches to nutrition, to bodybuilding, to time tested health practices.

In our GENTS vertical, we are here to connect men of all walks of life. Whether it be fashion, entertainment, or simply a lifestyle blog.

In our Delish vertical, it’s all about food, food, food! We understand that food brings people together and whether you’re a foodie, a cook, a recipe master, welcome to the community of Delish!

In our Auto vertical, it’s all about the love of cars. Whether it’s vintage, or modern, there’s a car for everyone.

In our Travel vertical, it’s everything you wish you could do year round! Travel is about the latest destination, hottest hotels and the best flight deals.

In our Gaming vertical, it’s all about the latest game trends - get access to publishers who love to talk and share about their gaming experience.