We’re in it to win for you.

We are dedicated to championing our publishers, expanding brand reach, and creating the utmost synergy between the two.

Whether you’re a publisher or an advertiser, we become your best friend when it comes to revenue opportunities and growth – we’ll be by your side every step of the way and want to see you succeed. When you succeed, we do. Simple as that.

Whether it’s helping to create your brand, bringing your already established brand to the next level, or monetizing your ad space, our experienced team is on standby ready to fall into a dedicated and direct relationship with you.

We’re like the most supportive and dedicated partner in crime that you’ve always wished for. We know you’ve got lots to say, we’re here to make sure your message gets to your audience… the right way.

You focus on your passion, and we’ll strategize, conceptualize, and optimize for you!


Going the route of digital media advertising- and breaking away from more traditional marketing avenues- allows for a targeted reach of your marketing dollars.

We provide our advertisers with a thorough and comprehensive guide of what their marketing dollars can achieve in the digital space. With tools like real-time access to data and metrics, we are able to effectively define, identify, and target the most relevant audience to your campaigns. As a result, campaigns are optimized and, in effect, create higher volumes of conversion and a higher ROI.

Direct Relationships

Achieve the scale you need, with the assistance of our extensive and direct relationships with brand safe publishers.

Your Audience

Reach your targeted audience, anywhere, anytime, across all platforms and all browsers.

Account Managers

Dedicated account managers who are committed to optimizing your campaign.

Premium Publishers

Buy from Media Nexus’ platform of premium publishers- exclusive with Media Nexus, and consequently unavailable through any other avenue.

We are happy to talk about what you need.

Our Publishers

As a publisher, signing with an ad network can sometimes be unnerving. You may not be sure what to expect and you may be weary about whether they’ll be the right choice. That’s why we are completely committed to help answer any questions you may have and address any concerns you may have stirring. This is also why we aim towards cultivating a community within our networks.

Our relationships with our publishers are always in light of trust and commitment to helping them increase their revenue streams. Media Nexus facilitates all the necessary protocol to ensure that your website and brand are being associated with prestigious and reputable brands, adding to your users’ experience (not take away from it). Campaigns include those of Fortune 500 companies, so you can rest assured that the ads will not be detrimental to your user experience.

Monthly Payments

NET-7 payments via PayPal (or NET-30 via Check or Wire)

Powerful Networks

We connect your brand to our clients (Global Brands and Fortune 500 companies)

Tailored Focus

A niche network tailored to the vertical and focus of your site

Direct Support

A committed, and dedicated account manager tailored to you, who will be your line of support as well as your guide on how to customize your campaigns

Competitive Pay

Competitively high eCPM and 100% Fill Rates

Direct Access

Login credentials to access reports

We would love to have you join us!


Whether you are a publisher or advertiser- Media Nexus’ roster of networks can help you target your advertising objectives that optimizes both your revenue and your goals. Bridging this gap with Media Nexus’ expertise allows for more optimized campaigns, higher revenues, and ultimately, mutual success.

Note To Publishers

Media Nexus offers a network that goes beyond optimizing your ad space inventory. We are committed to offering you a community. With a 24/7 line of support, integrative and lucrative programs, and a collective of like-minded publishers, Media Nexus Ad Network is committed to providing you a full-service environment.

Media Nexus’ roster of networks is your new home. Please click on each icon to find out more.

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